Earn money supporting incoming students

Halpers can earn hundreds of dollars chatting about their university experiences.

Earn money

Get paid for chatting about your university experience

Build your resume

Develop valuable skills as part of a growing start-up

Give back

Help students have great university experiences

"It’s a great opportunity to take on a leadership role and get paid to talk about my experiences!"

Become a Halper in 3 Steps


Tell us why you want to Halp

Share a little about your school, program, and why you’d love to help students


Develop your skills

Complete practice chats and get facilitation training


Complete your profile

Build your profile and start chatting with students

Your Questions Answered

Can anyone become a Halper?

Are you affiliated with any schools?

Can I become a Halper if I have other job commitments?

What makes a great Halper?

How do the chats take place?

How do I apply?

What else can I do to get involved with Halp?

Can I control my schedule of when I’ll be available to chat?

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