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Mentors (Halpers) can earn hundreds of dollars chatting about their university experiences and mentoring high school students.

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Abby J.
Guelph University, Psychology

Halp has been a great opportunity to take on a leadership role and get paid to talk about my experiences!
I love my school and it's awesome to be able to share everything I've learned with potential incoming students.

David Z.
Queen's University, Life Sciences

Being able to help high school students find more clarity has been very rewarding. It has also opened doors to a lot of opportunities which have been fantastic in helping me shape myself and my future! Lastly, being able to work with Marc, Matt, and the rest of the Halp team has been fantastic!

Bradley M.
Western University, Ivey Business

Working with Halp has been a super rewarding experience. It's been amazing to help high school students reach their goals. I love Western and Ivey, so talking about it is easy. It’s a great opportunity to take on a leadership role and get paid to talk about my university experiences!

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