Ben C.
Toronto, Canada
Queen's Commerce Student
Chancellors Scholarship Recipient

"I was interested in a few highly competitive programs, but was unsure what to do to get in. With Halp, I was able to become a more competitive applicant. The mentors were really helpful!"

Colleen S.
North Bay, Canada

"With Halp, our daughter got focused guidance throughout her admissions journey from grade 10 to graduation. It helped her get into her dream school."

Sam L.
Charlottetown, PEI
Accepted to 5+ top schools
Loran Scholar '21

"My coach at Halp worked with me to create a step by step plan to achieve my goals. It has been essential to my success this year and above all, has removed the uncertainty and anxiety of applying to university."

How It Works


Meet Your Coach 🙋

Meet 1:1 to explain your situation, university and career goals.


Follow Your Plan 📝

Complete the activities on your personal to-do list with help from your coach.


Get Results ✅

Earn more scholarships, get more acceptances, and reduce stress!!

Get more acceptances and scholarships with 1:1 coaching.

Work directly with a coach to build and follow a personal admissions plan, track your progress, and get expert advice. Getting into university is hard. From scholarships, to applications, to choosing the right offer - your coach will help make the hardest parts easy and crush your university goals.

Focus your time on what matters. Don't burnout.

You already have a lot going on. You want results without a crazy time commitment. You want a plan made just for you.

With Halp, your coach will give you monthly activities to complete so that you’re always making progress towards your goals. These activities are 100% personalized to you, so you’re always focused on something that actually matters.

Get mentored by real students in your target schools and programs.

Coaches, consultants and forums can only take you so far. You need the inside scoop on each of your target programs. That’s where our Halpers come in.

Chat with undergraduate student-mentors (Halpers) sitting in the programs you want to be in. Learn from top students that were just in your shoes - and succeeded.

Meet other students just like you.

Get connected to other students who have the same interests and aspirations as you. Share tips and stories about how your university journey is going. Get answers to your questions from others who have already figured it out, and make friends with students who are applying to your same schools and programs.

Join the community and supercharge your university transition ⚡

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