Every student should have the power to unlock their potential and get the future they want.

Through 1:1 coaching we inspire, engage, and empower students to reach their goals and succeed at whatever they want to do.


Give everyone access to personal college and university coaching

Millions of students want to pursue higher education. The majority of them are undersupported in reaching that goal. The 3+ year admissions journey is about a lot more than grades. However, school counselors are busy, and traditional private coaching costs thousands of dollars per year.

We combine technology with live 1:1 coaching to bring students personal, program-specific coaching in a way that gets results and is affordable. We help with everything from figuring out what to study to writing application essays, and everything in between. We work with students and families across Canada and the US to provide support across all aspects of the college and university transition journey.

We help with everything from figuring out your passions and what to study to writing application essays, getting scholarships, and everything in between.

Community: We put it at the heart of the coaching, mentorship, and social connection we offer.

Coaching: Our coaching is 1:1 and includes live video calls and texting so the coaches form real relationships with the students and are able to best understand each individual situation.

Mentorship: We have undergraduate student mentors at schools and programs across North America (to give the real story of what it’s like at every school).

Social Connection: We connect our students with others on a similar path to share stories, compare notes, and make the process a whole lot less stressful.

We make the admissions journey easier, together.


More powerful together

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