How It Works

Study abroad with Halp coaching.

Study abroad with the help of an expert coach.
Halp can help you get into top universities and colleges, get scholarships, and reduce stress throughout the process.



Partner with a coach that’s 100% dedicated to you

Sign up for free to meet your coach. They will build your admissions plan, monitor your progress, give you personal advice and make sure you hit your milestones. You will work with over text from the day you join until you land on campus.

  • Support finding your path and building a school list
  • Develop and submit strong applications
  • Expert admissions, visa, and scholarship advice
  • 24/7 access to your coach via email or text



See Your Timeline

Set specific goals based on the schools and programs you are applying for. Your coach will help you understand requirements and deadlines and work with you to submit your best work.

  • Set your timeline to application and beyond
  • Update your goals as new applications come up
  • Track your progress on your Halp dashboard



1:1 support to get work done.

Work with your coach to build strong application bundles. Submit them well before deadlines. You will always know exactly what you need to do and when, with a coach to keep you accountable.

  • Build and submit applications
  • Find and apply for scholarships
  • Get a study visa



Manage everything from your dashboard.

Apply to any of our 2,500+ partner programs. Track your progress and results right from your dashboard. Your coach is your only point of contact for every application throughout the process. Simple and efficient.

  • Track application progress
  • Get notified when accepted
  • Get coached through post-acceptance steps



More success and less anxiety, a winning combo

Your coach will support you from program discovery to the visa process and getting set up on campus. Every step of the way. Our process and on-the-ground knowledge make you more likely to get in, afford and graduate college.

  • End-to-end support
  • Get more acceptances and scholarships
  • Visa support
  • Help finding a bank, phone plan and housing
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