How It Works

Unlock your potential with Halp coaching.

Crush your college and university goals with an expert coach.
Halp can help you get into top universities, get scholarships and reduce stress throughout the process.



Partner with an expert admissions coach that’s 100% dedicated to you

Students with admissions coaches get more acceptances, more scholarships, and reduce stress throughout the process. The journey can be tough. Your coach will make the hardest parts easier so you can reach your goals!

  • Check-in calls
  • Find your path, build a program list, and develop a strong extracurricular resume
  • Expert admissions, essay, and scholarship advice
  • 24/7 access to your coach via email or text



Unlock Your Potential

Set specific, measurable, and achievable goals. Your coach will use your goals to determine what’s best for you and incorporate it into your personal plan.

  • Work with your coach to create achievable goals
  • We will do all the tracking and planning for you
  • Visualize your progress through your Halp dashboard



A plan that’s built for you – not everyone else.

Based on your assessment, your coach will build a tailored plan just for you. You will complete activities from the plan each month in service of reaching your goals. For example, building a great resume, getting involved in the right extracurriculars, and writing stand-out university and scholarship essays. Work with your coach as you complete your plan on your way to getting accepted!

  • Custom plan
  • Easily manage your timeline and activities
  • Accountability and support from your coach



Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Get access to activities, templates, and a thriving community to make your admissions process easy. Complete focused activities, use templates that give you superpowers, and chat with real student-mentors. All right at your fingertips in your Halp dashboard and guided the entire time by your Halp coach.

  • Quick activities to support your journey (e.g., What Should I Study?)
  • Wide range of templates (e.g., Essays, Resumes)
  • A community of mentors to give you a program-specific edge



More success and less anxiety, a winning combo

Students who use Halp get more acceptances, more scholarships, and report having less stress and anxiety throughout the process. Manage everything in one place with tracking and timeline tools, set and meet your goals, and get to where you want to go. With the right coaching, tools, and focused activities Halp will make your university transition easy!

  • Progress tracker and timeline
  • Results based goal setting
  • More acceptances and scholarships
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